Comfortable furniture

Comfortable furniture

Comfortable furniture is designed and produced in four-seat and seven-seat types in a diverse range of designs and colors. This type of furniture is divided into the following categories according to the raw materials: • All-fabric sofa
• Wood and fabric sofa
• Fabric and metal sofa
• Comfortable sofa bed


• Cover material: according to your selection of different types of high-quality fabrics or leather
• Width, depth and height: It varies according to the type of sofa selected
• Weight: from 50 to 100 kg
• Portable weight: from 500 to 800 kg
• frame material: wood or metal Middle layer material: foam, sponge
• sofa bed for some models
• Very easy to clean
• Very diverse designs and colors according to the customers’ needs
Excellent and attractive sewing with the best sewing machines
• Packaging in anti-shock bubble plastic wraps

The Mirror

Among all the types of mirrors, there are cases that show only the neck of an adult. Otherwise, in addition to showing you, these mirrors can reflect your surroundings. Due to their large length and width, they reflect more environment and give extraordinary beauty to your room or home and even your workplace