Coffee table and side table

Coffee table and side table

Mobliran Trading Company designs various types of coffee tables as well as side tables in various designs and coloring and produces them with the highest quality raw materials.


• Material: melamine, stone, metal, glass
• Detachable bases with easy installation on the body of the table
• Resistant to pressure and impact
• Number of tables: varies from one to 8 tables depending on the type of furniture
• Scratch-resistant surface
• Very diverse designs and colors according to the customers’ needs
• Beautiful and attractive

Fabric and metal sofa

One of the things that designers have done many times recently is to use metal to create very attractive metal sofas that have gained a lot of fans and combined this metal with fabrics to double its charm. The examples you see below show you the different types that these fabrics that are used in this type of furniture are usually made of velvet, leather and leather, and because the metal itself has a cold and industrial nature, they tried them. Combine with fabrics that have a warm character to create an attractive combination that will give your home a lot of beauty.